01 February 2016

Tailor-made machineries for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Tailor-made machineries for the Pharmaceutical Industry
The most innovative technologies for the heath safety. Massimo Castellarin indicates how LAST Technology is committed to become a company with a leading role in the global market for processing equipment.

A company from Friuli at the forefront of design and production of processing custom made equipment for the pharmaceutical industries and research laboratories. The three Partners and Directors: Massimo Castellarin, as President CEO, Marco Bars as CFO (Finance and Control) and Luca Corazza as COO (Operations). Mr. Castellarin explains us «LAST Technology identifies its mission in offering the most advanced technologies for the health safety, through the infection control and prevention. The main aim of the Company is becoming leader in the global market of processing equipment for the pharmaceutical industry ». LAST Technology designs and produces devices for the infection prevention, which operate through the inactivation of microorganisms. «Our corporate philosophy – continues Mr. Castellarin – is quality oriented. This, together with the production flexibility – and thanks to high performance, safe and reliable solutions –, has brought us to reach important goals ».

Can you state some of the solutions you have realized?
«A completely automatic processing machine for pharmaceutical closures, with a full robotic loading and unloading system into plastic bags, and with integrated packaging system (forming, weighing and labeling of the bag). It was realized on the base of a specific request: eliminating any kind of manual handling of the loads towards the machine and from the machine to the packaging of the finished product. Another product is the autoclave for the terminal sterilization of drugs, with shuttle loading system controlled by using radio waves (AGV). Also in this case, considering the big loads involved, the client demanded to improve the ergonomics of the machine, making it as automatic as possible also for the product loading and unloading. Anyhow, those examples could increase».

Some examples of solutions developed and produced for foreign international customers?
«Upon a specific request of a client from the Middle East, willing to build an excellence center for the oncological drugs production, we realized an automatic system for the sterile product movement through bags and containers intercepted by RTP valves. In another case, a European client has commissioned us two machines with transfer of the product in the designated area, in order to reduce spaces and management costs. Then there are the supervision systems for the production processes with SCADA technology. In fact, the concept of automatic factory is becoming more and more popular and to satisfy the requirements and make processing equipment an integral part of an integrated system (MES), we have developed an innovative software, based on current market technologies and well known communication protocols. In this way, all our process machineries can be part of company’s domain, enabling the remote control».

How is your commercial department structured and how does it operate?
«We have about sixty agents-distributors at international level. In the reference markets of the pharmaceutical industry – China, Europe e United States, – we are present with a property office. The principal activities of this organization are those essentially commercial (scouting, marketing and sales) and the ones for post sales services (installation, start-up, qualification, service and spare parts supply). All the machines are shipped from the headquarters in Italy – where all the research and development activities take place –, addressed to the reference markets and to the corporate clients, while we have shortly started a productive joint venture in China to serve better our clients in South East Asia. Finally, we put a great effort in the communication activities: internet, newsletter, socials, sector specific magazines, technical brochures, applications and participation at all international exhibitions of the sector».

Which are the future goals?
«This year we will launch a new series of washing and sterilizing machineries, they will be innovative both in processes and automation. Such products will position us in another market segment, permitting us to increase volumes. The internationalization process will continue enhancing the support to the joint venture in China and identifying a partner to replicate the same project in South America. The goal is to become a global company, from the commercial and productive point of view, according to the thinking globally and acting locally philosophy. Finally, we will continue the brains’ recruiting process, which sees in the Italian premises the center of excellence for the research and development of new technologies.

The new innovation of LAST Technology
LAST Technology has recently launched a new generation of processing equipment for the complete all-in-one treatment of pharmaceutical closures. Those are completely automatic machines with reduced footprint. With a loading capacity of 250, 300 and 350 litters of product – during the entire process the product to be treated is physically divided in hoppers made of PEEK polymer (comply to FDA 21 CFR 177, 2415 e 90/128/CEE). High efficiency of integrated CIP and SIP processes. Evident reduction of endotoxins and particles. Residual moisture on the product reduced to the minimum levels. Innovative automatic system of sterile product transfer from the processing equipment to the isolator (LAST iRTP). Handlings and automatisms through servomotors with single axis (MOVIDRIVE). Software comply to GAMP 5 and FDA 21 CFR Parte 11.

90% Export of LAST Technolgy. Reference markets: BRIC, Europa, Usa

LAST Technology realizes equipment for the infection prevention, that operate through the inactivation of microorganisms

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