Occupational health and safety protection policy

The Direction of Last Technology S.r.l. in its work, with the aim of setting and maintaining an active Occupational Health and Safety Management System with compliance to ISO 45001:2018 standard, defines the guiding principles and objectives for the occupational health and safety. 

  • affirming the commitment to provide safe and healthy working conditions for the prevention of work-related injuries and illnesses to all workers involved in the work activity as a fundamental element for the development of the Company;

  • identifying in the definition of preventive interventions, in the planning and verifying of the implementation and efficiency of the interventions themselves, the necessary instruments to reach the defined objectives in the present policy; 

  • guaranteeing that this policy is understood clearly as integrating part of the more narrow Company Policy and that the entire personnel – at all levels – is aware of this commitment and is involved in the pursue of the policy’s objectives; 

  • recognizing the following values as fundamental for the company’s activity development itself: 

− the commitment to respect the legislation related to occupational safety and accidents prevention;

− the awareness that the responsibility in occupational safety management concerns the whole organization, from the employer to the worker, each following its competences and functions; 

− the commitment to consider occupational safety and the relative results as integral part of the company’s management;

− the commitment to make the personnel more aware and trained to carry out their functions in safety;

− the commitment to the involvement and consultation of the personnel, also through their safety representative;

− the commitment to define, periodically update and spread within the company the objectives of the Occupational Health and Safety Management System and the related implementation programs. 

The primary objectives of Last Technology S.r.l. to implement the present policy foresee to:

  • proceed to a systematic awareness-rising of all personnel through training programs, and by informing and involving all of them;

  • aim to better the health and safety conditions in the working environment through a constant application of knowledge and the technological progress;

  • favour the implementation of improvement measures for health, safety and prevention of occupational risks;  

  • further develop and maintain up-to-date the Occupational Health and Safety Management System.


The Occupational Health and Safety Management System enables both, the predisposition and the creation of effective business measures of technical/organizational character, and the creation of an appropriate culture and sensibility on occupational safety related problems, favouring the necessary continuous exchange of information between the parties and in particular, between Employer, the Prevention and Protection Body, the Responsible, the Workers’ Safety Representatives and, more generally, all personnel. 


The Board of Last Technology S.r.l. assumes its responsibilities of spreading and supporting the present Safety Policy, with the appropriate means, clarifying and assigning to each collaborator specific responsibilities for its implementation.

Prata di Pordenone, 28th of March 2019

Board of Directors


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